demon slayer BUT it's buzzfeed unsolved

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This video took a really long time because I tried to stay as true to the original art style as possible. So now my hand hurts a LOT.

I hope you guys like it! I actually ended up losing it after drawing inosuke’s boar mask and zenitsu’s haori for like the millionth time haha

Anyways~ please support by liking and subscribing! I love reading comments too!

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Also after doing this animatic, im kinda convinced that zenitsu’s voice actor should’ve been ryan

(you i know i mispelled unsolved and I also forgot tanjiro's scar in one scene :') im sorry)

Also for all those that have been asking-- The last scene where Zenitsu is screaming at a chair is from Buzzfeed unsolved: The unbelievable horrors of the old city Jail

and the outro music is titled: Sunday w Glance by Bono on Spotify
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