Get Well Soon, Monty Oum!

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EDIT: It is with a heavy heart and through tears that I write about Monty's passing. This man had changed my life and I would not be where I am without him. Rest in peace, Monty.

Monty recently became hospitalized in critical care, so far we've almost doubled the donation goal to help with the medical expenses. Link for information and donation are provided below. Please keep him in your prayers and help with whatever kindness you can offer. Get well soon, Monty! We all love you and support you. - Kathy

Song: The Woods (Ghosts Remix)
Artist: Hollow Coves


Editor/Ideas: Kathy

Just going to state that none of the content was made by us, just the editing. Audio content belongs to Hollow Coves and the video content is owned by Rooster Teeth, neither of which we have affiliations with besides being fans. Go check them out and support them if you like the content.

Video was made with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
Please keep Monty in your prayers.
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