RPCS3 - Demon's Souls now Playable at 4K 60FPS for the first time!

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In a new milestone not only for RPCS3, but the souls series in general. Whatcookie recently made a patch for Demon's Souls (DeS) allowing it to bypass the games 30fps cap and run at 60 and 120fps for the first time! Marking the first time any souls game has ever reached 120fps! However, there are currently a few issues, pre-rendered cutscenes will only display the very first frame of the video and if you're running the game at 120fps and run into geometry the players movement will be very slow. The cutscene issue isn't that big of an issue for DeS due to the game only having a couple pre-rendered cutscenes at the beginning and end of the game so playing at 60fps will still yield a fun experience. While 120fps isn't recommended unless the movement issue gets fixed. And even then, it is quite difficult to hit 120fps at high resolutions 4k currently.

Finally, a PSA: Demon's Souls has an internal technique where it will output duplicate frames if the games performance is not at the cap. This makes any fps counters inaccurate, because while the game is technically outputting 60fps some of those frames could be duplicates if your performance is too low. This makes checking your FPS a bit difficult, unless you use tools to analyze game footage. This is not a bug.

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Edited by: Asinine
Recorded By:
MsLow i7 8700k gtx 1070 - 1080p 120fps footage (first 30 seconds)
Fredrik i7 6700k gtx 1080 - 4k 60fps footage
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