What to Text Your Ex After No Contact

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Let's talk about what to text your ex after No Contact.

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If you're wondering how to contact your ex after No Contact, then you need to take a look at where you left things with them.

If your last interaction with your ex was bad then contact after No Contact should be based around clearing away the hurt feelings and pain that may still be lingering between the two of you. What to say after No Contact should directly address what your ex is probably thinking and feeling, and if hurt feelings or emotions are part of this, then you must address them in order for your ex to start opening up.

Otherwise, if things are not on bad terms, then what to say to an ex after No Contact is really more of a probing question to get a sense of where your ex is emotionally. You want to think of contacting your ex as simply finding out where they are at emotionally so that you can connect and guide them emotionally through the journey to a stronger bond together.

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