Why Our Education System Is Total Bullsh*t

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Our education system is broken. If you were lucky, it might have provided you with 50% of what you actually need. That’s where Mindvalley University comes in ???? We’re seriously disrupting the system with the event. Watch our MVU insiders documentary for FREE to find out more ????

Did you know that 45% of jobs today will disappear within the next 10 years?

So what kind of world are we building where our children study for decades only to end up in jobs that may not even exist

Moreover, their lives should be so much more than just skill sets ????

What about the personal growth and development we need to deal to flourish in life? Like how to be happy? How to deal with depression? How to overcome anxiety? How about actually learning how to learn?

That’s where we come in - modern education that sticks - facilitating transformational learning as a community ✨

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