Xi says China is confident in winning battle against 'demon' coronavirus

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시진핑 "신종코로나는 악마...내가 직접 지휘, 승리할것"

Despite admitting that his country is in a struggle against a "demon" epidemic,... Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed confidence that China will win the battle against the coronavirus outbreak engulfing the world.
Kim Hyo-sun reports.
Meeting the director-general of the World Health Organization, who is in Beijing,... President Xi Jinping projected an image of confidence and capability on Tuesday, saying his country can win its battle against the new coronavirus outbreak.
Describing the epidemic as a "demon",... the Chinese leader said he will not let the demon hide.
He also pledged that the Chinese government would be transparent and release related information in a timely manner.
"The Chinese government attaches great importance because the purpose of the government is to put the lives and health of the people at the top of all priorities. Therefore, I have been personally directing and deploying the epidemic prevention and containment work this time. I believe that as long as we strengthen our confidence, help each other, adopt scientific prevention and containment measures, and persist in precise policies, we will definitely win the battle against the outbreak."
President Xi also welcomed the engagement of the international organization,... adding that he hopes to cooperate fully with the WHO to safeguard public health.
For his part, the head of the WHO praised Beijing's response,... highlighting that political commitment and President Xi's personal leadership are crucial.
As part of measures to contain the global spread of the virus,... the Chinese government is implementing travel restrictions on individual Chinese citizens,... on top of its earlier restriction on group tours both inside and outside China.
The curb is expected to hit the global tourism industry as there has been a rapid increase in Chinese tourists traveling overseas in recent years.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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